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  • The Pub

    The Pub is the place to be, warm like home, comfortable like your favorite chair, the place where your favorite whisky, whiskey or bourbon will delight your throat, the exquisite vodka will bring fire into your heart and the cold beer will refresh your senses. Our wines, selected with care, are the best matches for the fresh, good and tasty food. At any moment, the best coffee in town, will give you the kick you need for the rest of the day or the end of the night. And for you, ladies, our cocktails, made with fresh fruit juice and the best alcohol you can find will give you brightness in the eyes and will help you to find any man much more interesting than before.
  • The Club.

    Da Klub is the place to be whenever you look for a good place to end your week, with style. The loudest section of Black Jack, the place where the deejay make the rules, the place where a shot of Kamikaze, B52, Torpedo, Screwdriver, Heart Attack, Hiroshima or whatever will meet their true meaning, the reason for their creation. Long drinks, cold beer, good music, and best people this is our proposal. You’ll see this place becomes addictive, let yourself surf.
  • The Restaurant.

    The food section need no other presentation, taste our food, always fresh, always made with the best ingredients you can find and you will understand how a true Chef like ours can put love in every plate, drop by drop, always in the best quantity. Eat and smile this is the expression which can describe the best our cuisine. Barbecued spare ribs, t-bone, beefsteak, lamb, fish, fresh pasta, you name it. We will keep silence about our deserts, a silence filled with modesty; you are the ones which will speak about them, with respect.
    Also, make sure you check out our Happy Lunch special menu for lunch.
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Black Jack Pub
Smardan 27 Street
030072 Bucharest, Romania

(0736) 860 966
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Feel free to contact us for any suggestions, good or bad. We like it! ... DO NOT Just drop a text. Emails will be answered as soon as possible. Please, whenever you fill in a reservation, let us know the number of persons and a phone number so we can confirm with you where necessary. Wanna' book a private party or reserve space at Black Jack Pub? Write us about it, tell us what you want to do, we may help. Thanks, Black Jack Pub